Curative treatment of primary bronchoalveolar lung cancer

Curative treatment of primary bronchoalveolar lung cancer

Article by Doct Sam

Lung cancer is easier to prevent than treat, the proposed methods are numerous, their diversity reflects their limited effectiveness in this chapter we detail three main methods are: surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.The most effective treatment and earlier lung cancer is: surgery. The surgeon locates the boundaries of the tumor during surgery if the preoperative diagnosis is not established, extemporaneous biopsy is performed to remove any that seem suspicious mediastinal lymph nodes as well as the relay node, and practice resection of the tumor, the biopsy also allows a histological study were placed drains for drainage for 24 or 48 hours.The surgeon performs a lumpectomy, a limited resection (wedge), segmentectomy, lobectomy, pneumonectomy or pneumonectomy with extended lateral intercostal thoracotomy. You should know that resections limited to less than one lobe are not satisfactory on prognosis. If the size of the remaining lung is sufficient to occupy the entire rib cage, one can perform a lobectomy can be performed.In a few weeks or months, a replacement fluid will be organized after pneumonectomy leaving the cavity empty. As this liquid is not formed, there may be a risk of infection and harmful phenomena swing mediastinal ventilation.Excision can be extended to the wall, if necessary, which poses few problems oncological, or mediastinum which usually translates nodal disease, and it is derogatory to the prognosis. The second therapy that has proven its effectiveness after surgery in the treatment of lung cancer in non-small cell is radiotherapy, its advantage is established by most of the tests despite negative tests. It is issued by devices producing different types of radiation: Cobalt appliances emit gamma photons (1.2 MeV) and can be used for the treatment of lung cancer despite the penetration rate to 10 cm a little weak and the

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