Eu Uk Free Trade Agreement Draft

It has been a long and tumultuous road, but a draft of the EU-UK Free Trade Agreement has finally been agreed upon by both parties. This agreement has been in the works since the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, and it is a crucial step in defining the future relationship between the two entities.

The agreement covers a wide range of topics, including trade in goods and services, investments, and intellectual property rights. It also includes provisions on regulatory cooperation and mutual recognition of professional qualifications. Both parties have committed to maintain high standards in areas such as environmental protection, labor rights, and consumer protection.

However, the agreement is not without its challenges. One of the main sticking points in the negotiations has been the issue of the Irish border. The agreement includes a provision that avoids a hard border between Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK) and the Republic of Ireland (which is an EU member state). This provision has been very difficult to negotiate, as it requires delicate balancing between the UK`s desire for autonomy and the EU`s need to protect its single market.

Another challenge is the issue of fishing rights. The UK has long expressed its desire to take back control of its waters, while the EU has insisted on maintaining access for its fishing fleets. The draft agreement includes a transition period for fisheries, during which the EU will continue to have access to UK waters. However, negotiations on this issue are likely to continue in the future, given its importance to both parties.

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