Uft New Agreement

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The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) has announced a new agreement that will benefit their members and promote education in New York City. The agreement was reached after long negotiations between the UFT and the city government.

One of the biggest changes in the new agreement is the salary increase for UFT members. The agreement provides for a significant salary increase for UFT members over the next few years. This increase is well above the rate of inflation and will help UFT members keep up with the rising cost of living in New York City.

Another important change in the new agreement is the reduction of class sizes. The UFT has long advocated for smaller class sizes, which would allow teachers to provide more individual attention to their students. The new agreement reduces the maximum class size for elementary schools to 28 and for middle and high schools to 30.

The new agreement also provides for increased professional development opportunities for UFT members. This will allow teachers to keep up with the latest education trends and techniques, and to improve their teaching skills.

The UFT has also negotiated improvements in the health care benefits provided to its members. These improvements will provide better coverage and lower out-of-pocket costs for UFT members and their families.

The new agreement is a victory for the UFT and for education in New York City. It will provide UFT members with better pay, smaller class sizes, improved benefits, and increased professional development opportunities. These changes will benefit UFT members and their students, and will help to promote education in New York City.

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