Various breast cancer treatments to achieve the best therapeutic effect

Various breast cancer treatments to achieve the best therapeutic effect

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Early discovery and diagnosis of the mammary carcinoma is very important, and has becomes the key point of treating effect and prognosis. At present, suggest use of biological therapy adjuvant treat with Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, comprehensive breast cancer treatment. Various cancer treatments to make up a deficiency, make the treatment to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Breast Cancer Surgery, Recent studies show that the breast conservation surgery is the main model for treating stage ?and ? of breast cancer. If the cancer surgery can completely clear the lesions, the patients have access to health and survival, But breast may be out of sharpa after surgery if the procedure is inappropriate. It will make the cancer tissues to be injury and blood loss. It is easy to cause the cancer recurrence, proliferation and metastasis. If the patient can accept the biological treatment in time to improve the diet and the patients sleep, Enhance physical fitness. It is beneficial to the recurrence and metastasis.

Breast cancer chemotherapy and breast-conserving therapy are the two main treatment of early breast cancer. The cancer chemotherapy is often used to treat breast cancer in stage ? or cancer metastasis as systemic treatment. Breast cancer chemotherapy can effectively kill cancer cells, at the same time can also kill the Normal human cells. The Cancer Chemotherapy, Chemotherapy is commonly used in the treatment of cancer. Chemotherapy also kills the healthy stem cells in the marrow. The strong drugs used in chemotherapy cause a number of toxic side effects because it kills healthy cells as well as cancerous ones. Destroys rapidly-growing healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastro-intestinal tract etc, and can cause organ damage, like liver, kidneys, heart, lungs etc. Cancer treatments today tend to be less harsh. Surgery is less disfiguring, chemotherapy less disabling.

Dendritic cell(DC) is the most powerful antigen-presenting cell in human body. It is the major antigen-presenting cell in innate immunity and play an important role in cancer suppresion. cytokine induced killer(CIK) is the lymphocyte, present in human blood, after a certain time to develop an immune active cells. Many young women appear such symptoms of breast pain, breast color change, Immune system is taken seriously more and more in the body against tumors. The breast cancer treatment Immunotherapy is called the fourth cancer treatment modality for this.

Medical workers in their study found that Chinese medicine can be resumed leukemia cells to chemotherapy sensitivity. It plays an important role in preventing and treating chemotherapy-induced emesis, especially in delayed emesis. TCM combinated interventional chemotherapy on Advanced primary hepatic cancer is a kind of safe and effective methods, and is worthy to be spreaded in clinic practice

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