Q&A: how to write a research paper about lung cancer?

Question by Guppy: how to write a research paper about lung cancer?
i don’t know where to start. where do i go to get information about lung cancer? what is a good website to find scholarly journal articles? what would be a good topic to talk about of this subject? what does a research paper include?

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Answer by Christina
Its a huge topic, so I think you have to break it down into sections.

What is lung cancer? What are the different types? Who gets the different types? What are the causes of the various types? What is the treatment and the survival rate?

Are there controversies with lung cancer-eg what is the risk of passive smoking?

For one paper that’s a lot to cover, so I think I would concentrate on the different types of lung cancer, and how some of these are linked to smoking and others may not be. For more general papers, search for reviews and that will give you an overview of the subject.

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